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Fitness on Yoga Mat

Recommended Equipment

Our classes are easy to perform from home and will help you develop strength, better balance and flexibility with nothing other than a high-back chair or countertop and your own body weight. We do love to incorporate the use of additional props in our workouts. Below you will find a list of recommended equipment we regularly use in our classes with links to purchase.

(Please note we do not receive any commission from the below suppliers).

  • All our Barre classes will use a soft ball to aid your workout or to make it more challenging by providing resistance; Ideal for pelvic floor exercises, the ball will enhance your Barre workout and help develop strength, endurance, and concentration as well as promoting relaxation and coordination.

  • The balls are anti-slip offering excellent grip. The balls are commercial quality and anti-burst, meaning if the ball were to be punctured, it wouldn't burst but slowly deflate - providing you with a safe workout.

  • Non-slip and tactile training aid

  • Designed to assist in isolating and targeting specific muscles

  • Helps to improve strength, endurance, concentration, and coordination

  • The Mini Power Loops - Set of 5 resistance bands gives you the option of 5 different strength options so you can progress your workout as you get stronger. Or, select the appropriate level of band depending on the muscle you are training. Made from durable latex, these resistance bands are ideal for rehab as well as general strength and conditioning. Lightweight and portable so you can take these bands on the move with you with the included mesh bag for ease of transport. Each band is 31cm in diameter and can be used around ankles, thighs, arms, and for adding extra reach if being used for stretching exercises.

  • 5 strengths for progressive training

  • Durable latex

  • Ideal for rehab and strength & conditioning

  • Lightweight & portable

  • Resistance strength light

  • Dimensions - 150cm x 15cm

  • Warning - Contains Latex Do Not Use if Allergic

  • Care Instructions - Resistance bands are made of latex which is an organic natural substance, which will break down and deteriorate over time. It should therefore be protected from extreme temperatures, chemicals, perfumes, sweat and moisture, all of which may speed up deterioration. Storing these products properly will help prolong the life of the product. Resistance bands should be laid flat and dusted with talcum powder from time to time. This prevents the rubber from sticking together when warm and will aid the process of tying and untying the bands.

  • Neo-Hex Dumbbells are designed and manufactured with anti-roll hexagon-shaped heads.

  • Medium-density neoprene minimise scuffs and marks from dropped dumbbells

  • Great for training at home

  • Sold in pairs

  • These Neo-Hex Dumbbells are made are neoprene coated, hexagon-shaped heads and ergonomic handles.

  • Available in 13 colour coded sizes from 0.5kg (1kg/pair) to 10kg (20kg/pair). 

  • We recommend going no heavier than 2.5kg (1kg or 1.5kg is a great starting point).

  • Become faster, stronger, hit your targets and get the results you want quicker. Wrist and Ankle Weights increase the intensity of your workout giving you better results. Fashioned with non-abrasive, soft nylon-backed neoprene for comfort while not letting up durability and usability.

  • Wrap these weights around your wrists or ankles with their 40mm wide Velcro Strap for a secure fit, and dedicate yourself to your training. These Wrist and Ankle Weights are completely washable.

  • Designs and Colours may vary on some sizes

  • Soft Nylon-backed Neoprene for comfort

  • Adjustable Velcro Strap

  • Sold in pairs and available in from 0.5kg - 2kg

  • Compact Design

  • When flat and strap extended the wrist and ankle weights are 22cm long


Physical Company Gliding Discs (available for carpet or hard floors)

  • These unique fitness Gliding Discs are lightweight, compact and come in versions suitable for wooden or carpeted floors.

  • These fitness discs enable you to engage all the major muscle groups, strengthen the core and tone the lower body.

  • Manufactured with a high-tech polymer the discs gracefully for smooth, fluid movements.

  • Gliding discs are small and easily transportable.

  • Sold in Pairs

  • The Gliding Sliding disc exercise system allows for smooth, fluid and graceful movements that can be structured into a stand alone gliding class.

  • At the studio, we use the thinner pilates blocks for a variety of purposes. In the link provided they are called yoga bricks and the thicker blocks are called yoga bricks. A pair of either of these types will work equally well.

  • Support, stabilise and align your body with this superior lightweight yoga block. Sit on one to raise your hips for a straighter spine or put four together for a classic shoulder stand support.

  • Made from high grade, non-toxic foam

  • Stylish design with rounded edges and corners for additional comfort and an easier hand grip

  • Extra durable and scratch-resistant

  • Light enough to carry between classes, yet sturdy enough to bear your weight in postures

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