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Expert Knowledge

Over the years, we've had the pleasure of working with a number of experts in their field. From Business Mentors to Rehab Specialists, Mindset Coaches, Accountants, Medical Experts, SEO Consultants and Digital Branding Gurus.

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David Silver

We asked David to outline a ‘Rehab 101’ for Barre Instructors who might be keen to consider welcoming clients with movement limitation into their classes. If you would like to take a deeper dive into this area, have a look at our Barre for Rehab course here (link to page) where we cover each aspect in detail.

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Erica Wolfe-Murray

Companies from across the creative, cultural and tech sector beat a path to Erica’s door. With her rich imagination and hands-on experience from working with over 350 companies, she envisages a future for companies they’ve never dreamed of. Then helps the founders achieve this vision.

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Katherine Ready

Katherine is an ex-physiotherapist who has worked for over ten years in Olympic sport. Katherine assisted Vicki to develop The Barre Collective Instructor Training Program and Barre for Rehab.

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Deborah Henley

Deborah is a Professional Keynote Speaker, Executive Leadership Coach, Certified Trainer and author of Your Leadership Story.

‘I help leaders, whether owners of small businesses or executives in large corporates, to understand their inner narrative and tell their story so that they can inspire with their message’.

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Calculate Savings

Business Costs

Understanding the costs associated with setting up and running a business may seem like a daunting task. In this article, Vicki Anstey walks you through the 101 of Business Finance.


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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR

GDPR Basics

You’ve qualified as a Barre instructor and you’re looking to start your business, build your website and develop your client list. People keep talking about this awful sounding compliance law called GDPR and you’re wondering what it is and asking if it applies to you.

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Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

Studio vs Freelance

Running your own studio is not simply a case of assessing whether you can afford just the rent on a studio space. If you can make it work, there is nothing more rewarding than owning your own environment, having the freedom to use it any time you wish and being able to build a thriving community and sought-after destination. 

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Online Workout

Online or in 'Real-Life?'

With high numbers of city-dwellers moving out of urban areas into more affordable and spacious rural areas, as working from home is proven to be viable for the majority, we know that consumers are making permanent life changes.

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Computer with Graph

Margins, Services, Products and Pricing

Are you missing opportunities to charge for other services you didn’t even know you could offer?

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Investment Chart

Pricing Strategy

Finding the right pricing strategy is as much a bout trial and error as anything else.

There really is no hard and fast way, you have to learn (usually through trial and error) how ‘elastic’ your pricing strategy is and how tolerant your target audience may be to price increases

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Solar Eclipse

External Influences; Going Beyond the Barre

Opening your eyes to a world beyond barre is vital - even if you are a barre-obsessive and your life has been transformed by it - trust us, we know!

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