Pre and Postnatal Instructor Training

Modifications for Pre and Postnatal clients

As our regular clients know, we actively welcome all pregnant clients to join our regular classes. They enjoy the challenge of training their bodies with non-pregnant clients and there’s no valid reason for us to put them into ‘quarantine’.

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are well reported, but not every fitness professional or studio has the knowledge, experience or confidence to know what to modify and how far to push you to get (or stay) strong and fit for (and after) the birth.

We do. And we have been successfully coaching pregnant clients for years.

The Barreworks Workout is safe, effective and strongly advised for the vast majority of pregnancies. And we’re on a mission to share the knowledge so that exercise during pregnancy can be about much more than gentle walks and yoga.

All Barreworks-Certified Instructors can now sign up for our 8-hour course to expand their skill-set (and potential audience).

The course has been created by our Founder Vicki Anstey and leading Canadian Obstetrician Karen Nordahl.

The course covers:

  • Common physiological adaptations to pregnancy

  • Watchpoints and contra-indications

  • Common myths and research-based evidence

  • Pelvic floor and diastasis best practise

  • Modifications for the Barreworks Workout during pregnancy and post-partum

The course cost is £350. You must have completed the Barreworks Foundation Instructor Training course, or another accredited barre training course to enrol. Please check your insurance policy beforehand to ensure you will be covered to teach pregnant populations. Most will cover you for mixed groups where the focus is not singularly pre/post-natal.

Our next training sessions will take place in September 2021. Stay in touch to be notified of our next training dates.