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Business Mentorship

with Vicki Anstey

Vicki founded the first dedicated Barre and Ballet Fitness Studio in the UK in 2009...

You don’t run your own Studio for 11 years without picking up a bit of knowledge and experience... 

Without doing every job yourself - and then hiring people to do them for you...

Without taking risks and making mistakes...

Without making it up as you go along and learning the hard way...

Without late nights and weekends consumed by work that no-one else can or wants to do...

Without making huge sacrifices in your personal life.


When Vicki set Barreworks up over a decade ago, single concept studios didn’t exist. Hell, social media didn’t even exist. The UK was in a recession and no-one had even heard of barre. 


Vicki took on misconceptions of what ballet-based fitness could do for physiques with the same passion as she took on a dull, dated office in Richmond and transformed it into a stunning studio space, a haven dedicated to barre and ballet. 

Having first encountered barre at a Lotte Berk class, she soon became hooked on the transformative method, quit her career in Marketing & Advertising and trained with the Lotte Berk Studio in Fulham. Not content to base her knowledge on one influence alone, she headed to New York, where she trained with Barre network, Exhale Studios and learned from the pioneers of Barre Lis Halfpapp and Fred de Vito. She also trained with The New York City Ballet to bring their exclusive NYCB Workout to the UK.


Vicki wrote the now industry-leading and independently accredited Barre Collective Training course, out of sheer necessity. She had spent three years teaching 24 classes a week without a holiday or weekend off, she was desperate for specialist Barre Instructors to support her and knew the only way to find them was to train them herself. She collaborated with former-Olympic Physiotherapist Katherine Moore to create the Barreworks Foundation course. She later partnered with leading Clinical Physiotherapist David Silver and renowned Canadian Obstetrician Karen Nordahl to develop the Rehab and Pre/Post-natal courses that The Barre Collective also offer.

Some years later, Vicki was managing a team of 12 freelancers and a full-time Studio Manager. She found herself dealing with HR and people management, dynamic booking systems, financial, scheduling and database management, instructing PR and business consultants to help advance the business and building her emerging position as a leading expert in the industry. She handled all marketing activity and social media content, set up the UK’s first Barre Summit in 2018 and in 2019 was awarded ‘Best Female Entrepreneur’ at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

There isn’t a Studio management or small business issue Vicki hasn’t dealt with during her 12 years of experience. Including the effect of a global pandemic and the need to pivot and reinvent to survive as circumstances change. She is passionate about brand management and will help you discover your USP, vision and 'brand heart’ if you are stuck in a rut or struggling to find your niche. Vicki knows how to manage every aspect of running a studio, or if you’re not ready to take on a permanent ‘home’ just yet, she can show you how to create a business out of you and the services you can offer as an individual. 


Whether you need help creating a strategy, or just a reassuring chat, Vicki can help you make your dream a reality - and make that reality sustainable and profitable.  Discover the tools you might need to put in place to manage your time effectively and avoid burn out, discover how to outsource, how to understand and stay on top of your business’ finances and how to future-proof your business to stay in the game for a lifetime.



Initial consultation (by phone)

£50 for 30 mins (To scope out the brief, outline the ‘problem’ or requirement for support for further support, OR, as a single one-off discussion).

Face-to-face, or remote follow-up consultations

£75 per hour or £350 for a series of 5 sessions

Additional on-going consultancy based on your brief/requirements.

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