Barre for Rehab

Barre for Rehab is a form of modified ballet based training that promotes efficient movement patterns and strength gains to rehabilitate movement limitations across a variety of common injuries.

This 8 hour Training Course, (co-authored by David Silver, Clinical Lead and Physiotherapist at The Forge Clinic) is for Barre professionals who want to offer more to clients (or referred patients from Rehab Clinics/GPs/Medical Practitioners) on their journey back to full health and functional movement.

Trying to find a suitable workout that allows a client to rebuild strength and re-establish movement safely and progressively can be challenging.

Barreworks for Rehab can be beneficial for those who are recovering from an acute injury or returning to exercise following a period of chronic pain. It is low impact and can be continued past recovery to assist in injury prevention.

With regular (weekly) attendance, clients are guided towards:

  • Transitioning from guided physiotherapy back to routine exercise

  • Establishing efficient movement patterns and a strong foundation for increased strength and mobility

  • Reducing the potential for future re-injury


The course covers:

  • Why Barre for Rehab?

  • Initial Assessment

  • Common Limitations to Exercise

  • Acute Injuries

  • Chronic Conditions & Pain

  • Movement Restrictions

  • Emotional / Cognitive Challenges

  • Understanding Pain

  • Causes of Pain

  • Pain and Expectation

  • Red/Yellow Flag Indicators

  • Modifications for Key Injuries

  • Why Language Matters


Cost: £400 per person.

Our next training sessions will take place in September 2021. Stay in touch to be notified of our next training dates.