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What’s your New Years Resolution?

I rarely meet anyone who has a good one. Nor anyone who tells me their goal with much conviction. The simple truth is that New Years Resolutions are made to be broken. Usually they lack specificity, relevancy and/or genuine self-belief.

Can you, hand on heart, say that you have ever really kept a resolution? And what happens at the end of the year, even if you do? Do you just tick a box, celebrate with a box of doughnuts and revert back to old habits?

So, is the answer to abandon all hope of making positive changes or affirmations in your life?


Maybe you could think a little differently. Instead of a resolution, why not write a manifesto? Often these are written statements (by brands or businesses) that publicly declare their views, motives and intentions. They describe what you stand for, what you do every day and what you are striving to become.

Check out some our favourite examples below from Apple, Lululemon, and Brand Expert Lara McCullough.

So if you’re a Barre Instructor (Freelance or Studio Owner) or you run any other kind of business for that matter, why not have a go a writing your Manifesto to give you the required fire in your belly for 2022?

And if you don’t run business, but you run a family unit, or you simply want to make a pledge to yourself to become a more empowered individual (STARTING NOW!) have a go at your own version - the Holster Manifesto isn a great place to start.

So, don’t worry if you don’t have a New Year’s resolution. Go one better. Write your manifesto. Print it out BIG and post it up where you get to see it every day.

Go get 2022!

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