Our Classes

With five different class styles to choose from we guarantee you'll find a workout you love.

This is a completely unique exercise experience

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Barre Workouts

Using the ballet barre as a basis for a complete body workout, the exercises involve dynamic and static movements, isometric holds, core strengthening and luxurious orthopaedic stretching. A fun, fast-paced and deceptively challenging work-out improves cardiovascular stamina and tones and sculpts each muscle group.

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Just Stretch

Exactly what the name suggests, this is an hour of pure, luxurious, restorative (and sometimes challenging) stretching.

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Ballet Workouts

Formerly named the New York City Ballet Workout before its discontinuation in 2011, this unique class combines elements of ballet training and athletic conditioning. You’ll discover a workout devised to incorporate every aspect of a dancer’s approach to training, from basic barre work to strength training and physiotherapy.

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Barre Technique

Sharpen your technique and support your overall wellness with these tutorial based videos.

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Fusion Workouts

The perfect blend of barre work and deep stretching. A unique class set to high-energy music, this class incorporates challenging flow sequences. With isometric barre exercises, a focus is placed on held-postures, core strength and flexibility. Designed to help you improve muscle tone and develop the flexibility to create the optimal balance between muscle strength and length.