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Just Stretch

Exactly what the name suggests, is an hour of pure, luxurious, restorative (and sometimes challenging) stretching.

After an hour of (intense) exercise, that last five minutes of stretch can feel insignificant and totally worth skipping to snag a few extra minutes in the shower or get back home in time for EastEnders. But while it doesn’t have the sweat-dripping effects of barre, cycling, running, or HIIT, STRETCHING might just be the secret to taking your workout to the next level.


Plantar fasciitis, tight achilles, hamstrings and a general lack of mobility, are all cumulative effects of tightness in our fascia (connective tissue around muscles and internal organs) which can lead to restricted flexibility in our joints, general imbalances and even feelings of full-body fatigue. Balancing out strenuous activity with stretch is essential for good maintenance – and to allow us to really get the most from our workouts.


Using foam rollers, body-rolling balls, hands-on adjustments from our experienced team – and even partner work, this is the perfect antidote not only to tough workouts, but also to our often sedentary, screen-orientated lifestyles.

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