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Barre Instructor Training Programme

The Barre Collective Instructor Training Programme (endorsed and accredited by PD: Approval – The Register of Exercise Professionals’ official Quality Assurer) is the most thorough course available for entry-level barre teacher teaching and is based on techniques that are tried, tested and used every day in our thriving studio.

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Barre for Rehab Instructor Training

We offer a Training Course, (co-authored by David Silver, Clinical Lead and Physiotherapist at The Forge Clinic) targeted at Barre professionals who want to offer more to their patients on their journey back to full health and functional movement.


Barre Teaching Workshop

If you really want to get under the skin of our unique method, but don’t currently hold any of the pre-requisite qualifications, you can still attend our 2-day Foundation Level Workshop. You won’t be awarded any CPD, nor would you progress to the practical application of the Training Programme, but you will learn our incredible techniques from behind the barre.


Train Your Team

If you have a Studio team already teaching yoga, pilates, boxing, HIIT, spin, or any other strength, conditioning or cardio programmes, why not add barre to your repertoire…?


Pre and Postnatal Instructor Training

The Barre Collective Workouts are safe, effective and strongly advised for the vast majority of pregnancies. And we’re on a mission to share the knowledge so that exercise during pregnancy can be about much more than gentle walks and yoga.
All Barre Instructors can now sign up for our 8-hour course to expand their skill-set (and potential audience).