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Helen Lewis

Track athlete, and software tester turned Barre Instructor and Trainer

Helen's passion for movement and fitness started early with her love for competing in triple jump and hurdles, representing Victoria through Australia's amateur athletic ranks. Through this, she learnt (sometimes the hard way!) that movement was critical to injury prevention and that a mix of both strength and flexibility was essential to develop and maintain peak performance.

Before discovering her love of Barre, Helen worked as a user experience software test lead across major Australian Healthcare brands and in the retail sector for Ralph Lauren.

A proud Australian and Greek, Helen studied and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Health Science in Human Movement before life took her on a journey through Hong Kong and New York. She arrived with her husband Phil and 2 children Karis and Harry, in Richmond, London, in 2016.

Despite always being healthy, her son Harry's birth left Helen with a severe diastisis recti (separation of the abdomen's two most superficial muscles). Pilates alone failed to give Helen the movement experience she desired.  Helen discovered Barre in 2017, looking for a more dynamic fitness regimen. Since then, she has regained strength and stability through her core. Instantly hooked and attending multiple classes a week, she made the decision to train as an instructor.

Helen is a qualified Mat Pilates and Barre instructor, and a regular Ashtanga Yoga practitioner. She has been helping Vicki Anstey train the next generation of Barre instructors. Helen leverages her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to ensure that all new instructors understand the principles and biomechanics of why each Barre movement is important.

Helen's warm and welcoming personality and her knowledge of anatomy and physiology are incorporated into each of her routines. Helen's knowledge of and natural aptitude for technology have made her the driving force for creating the Barre Collective platform and there are very few things she doesn't know (or can't figure out) about the world of online fitness, sound technology and live streaming.

barrehelenaction (1 of 1).jpg
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